The Beauty of Life

Expressed through painting

Sheri Dinardi lives in Jacksonville, Oregon... This quaint old town, rich in history with vintage cottages, and original farms; inspires her to produce paintings that convey a sense of timelessness. ~Sheri

Expressing the Beauty of Life Through Painting

Every day beauty surrounds our lives; whether it is a sunrise or the light in a child's eyes. Often we hurry through the day with barely a notice. It has been said that "our job as an artist is that of revelation".
"As an artist I aspire to the best of my ability to create paintings that express the inspiration I felt in observing the beauty I see. And in doing that I hope to encourage and uplift others." ~Sheri Dinardi

"There is a soft quality in the way that Sheri Dinardi approaches oil painting -- a certain radiance that projects a sense of spirituality in the way she captures her subjects." Sherwin added, "These works convey a positive message..."

Art Critic Brian Sherwin from The Art Edge and Fine Art Views

"...Viewers are lifted into a sense of timelessness and sacred radiance, as if they have been transported to another world of beauty and hope. You can almost smell the sweet fragrance of lavender and roses... viewers are invited to look deeper than the surface, sensing a soul that has been set free..."

Sandy Cathcart from Southern Oregon Magazine



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