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Sheri Dinardi Studio

PO Box 1569 Jacksonville Oregon 97530 (541) 899-7717,

Call me Crazy. I actually have two other art related websites:

Sheri Dinardi Fine Art

This website is part of the Fine Art Studio Online community of artists. They have the Bold Brush art competition each month and connections within the FASO artist community. You will find my most recent works, life paintings, complete collections and drawings.

Sheri Dinardi Art

This is the first website that I built. It includes a large collection of my work, as well as prints available on individual painting pages. I kept this site because I can do things on it that I could not do on FASO.

Why did I recently start the Sheri Dinardi Studio site on Square Space? In my opinion they have beautiful, clean professional looking website templates, with the most efficient, elegant viewing of the artwork.

Let me know which is your favorite. I hope to downsize to one or two instead of three.